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Social Success Summer Camp

Does your child struggle to read social cues, take the perspective of others, be flexible, problem-solve and/or work out conflicts? Does he or she have difficulty starting or maintaining conversation or play? Having heard manystories about how typical summer camps can be so difficult for children who have such challenges, SOCIAL SUCCESS SUMMER CAMPseeks to provide these children with a fun, positive camp experience.

We want your child to leave camp feeling successful and proud!

SOCIAL SUCCESS SUMMER CAMP is a unique, personalized camp experience led by highly trained professionals with extensive experience working with individuals with social difficulties who LOVE what we do!

We seek to meet each child at the level of their development and increase their understanding AND application of the social world. Using fun, motivating games, activities, and other tools, we will incorporate techniques and interventions designed to improve social thinkingand related social skillssuch as the following:

· Observation and interpretation of social situations and expectations, understanding that social expectations change with age and context

· Flexible thinking & problem-solving

· Understanding and application of effective communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal

· How to work in a group

· And much more!

Activitiesin this camp program will include physical/movement-based activities, music, arts and crafts, the use of a variety of media, and sensory-based play/activity opportunities. Finally, Thursdaysinclude 1.5-2 hours of SWIMMINGwith a certified lifeguard on duty!