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Meet Ms. Kelli


Kelli Wiatr

Kelli has been with Social Therapy since early 2018 and has a Bachelor of Science degree in education with a focus on special education from the University of Memphis. In addition, she has training in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), lifespan development, social thinking, mindfulness, enlightenment, and manifestation.


Being passionate about empowering unique learners has encouraged her to fulfill roles as an educator and coach, applying leadership and problem-solving skills routinely in her work. In private practice for the past 17 years, the majority of her clients have been on the Autism Spectrum.

Additionally, she is on the Board for Foster Families Assistance Network and works with the Tennessee Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. She is actively employed with International Happy Feet Soccer, and is the Behavior & Production Manager in the packing division for GiveGood, Inc. She also volunteers with a number of organizations including the Special Olympics, has a very strong interest in the arts, and enjoys having fun with her two nieces and three nephews in her “free time”.

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