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Meet Ms. Roxanne


Roxanne Lemmon

A love & passion for music has been a common theme throughout Roxanne’s life. From getting her through multiple heart surgeries in her childhood & teen years to playing professionally around Memphis and Nashville as an adult, Roxanne has experienced the healing power of music. She now gets to use this beautiful healing & learning modality by empowering group members through music.

Roxanne is a native of Mississippi. She received her degree in Social Work from the University of Memphis, where she was awarded Social Work Student of the Year from the Tennessee National Association of Social Workers in Nashville, TN and from the University of Memphis. Certified as a Musicare teacher in 2016, Roxanne teaches music to children as young as 14 months old. Roxanne’s motto is, “If they can walk, then they can learn music!” She has been working with Dr. Allison since 2014 and has been continually “Rockin’” out with group members.  

Roxanne is a self-proclaimed “Chef Wanna Be” as her love for cooking inspires her to create cuisines she has discovered in her travels abroad. Her passion for empowering others has left her with decades of volunteering, including some organizations, but not limited too, St. Jude, Ronald McDonald House, and Rachel’s Kids. Roxanne’s mission is to deliver the healing and learning power of music worldwide.

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