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Dr. Allison

Social Therapy

We provide unique weekly group therapy sessions your children  will genuinely enjoy attending. Parents and guardians appreciate seeing the progress and receiving valuable feedback on a weekly basis.

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With a focus on improving the social functioning of individuals with social-cognitive challenges, we provide high-quality, intensive therapeutic services to children, adolescents and families.







We pride ourselves on these core values as we strive to improve the social functioning of all of our clients. We can guarantee a unique experience unlike ANY other, as our motto has always been and always will be quality over quantity.

What Parents Have to Say:

"As my son has attended Dr. Allison's Social Therapy class every week for a number of years, I have seen him grow and mature in communicating and being socially appropriate not only verbally, but demonstrating understanding of other's views, and even being good-natured in the way of teasing and getting others’ viewpoints. This is the best therapy I have chosen to invest our time and money in for my son’s future success."

-Wesley's Mom

We offer a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION with the purpose being to meet the potential client and/or parents and determine if our services will be appropriate for the individual client and/or family. If the decision is made to move forward at this point, this is the time that an initial “game plan” will be agreed upon (e.g., what types of therapies/services, frequency of sessions, etc.).


The initial consultation will take approximately 45 minutes-1 hour. 

Call (901) 299-0703 or Click the Link Below to Schedule Your FREE Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation

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